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Look for the JayPlus Certified Pre-Owned logo on select used campers and you know that your next used camper has met Jayco's strict certification requirements and is also covered with a 90 day, $100 deductible service plan backed by Jayco; a company you can trust. Buy with confidence because the following components are covered for the first 90 days you own your camper:

1.     Chassis Frame.


Wheelbase frame landing gear; jack; coupler; brackets; hubs; spring hangers; welds; and winch stand. All components in the lift crank system (For Pop-Up Campers).


2.     Auxiliary Powerplant / Power Steps


All internally lubricated parts of the powerplant engine; starter; switches; generator electrical components; power converter; inverter; voltage regulator; gauges; interior monitor / control panel; hydraulic door; and P. C. Board(s). Head and / or cylinder block if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Power Step System: coverage is only available for Power Step Systems which are factory-installed or factory-approved dealer-installed.


3.     Suspension


Wheel bearings; coil and leaf springs; spindles; axle shafts; and actuators. Rubberized suspension components.


4.     Brake System


Drums; master cylinder; hydraulic or electrical brake actuators; and backing plates.


5.     Seals & Gaskets


All seals, gaskets, and sealing boots are covered for all covered components of you service agreement.


6.     Water Heater


Burner assembly; tank; thermostat; thermocouple; gas valve; heating elements; electronic ignition assembly; wiring harness; switches; fittings and connections; control panel; and P. C. Board(s).


7.     Waste System


Shower; toilet; sink(s); holding tanks; gate valves; fittings and connections.


8.     Fresh Water System


Water pump; compressor; water tank; water lines; traps; fittings and connections; and faucets.


9.     Air Conditioning / Ventilation


Compressor; evaporator; capacitors; relays; thermostat; heat strips; heat pump; condensor; accumulator; expansion valve; receiver dryer; blower motor; switches; electronic module; pressure cycling switch; ventilation fans; ducts; control panel and P. C. Board(s).


10.   Range & Oven


Burner assembly; thermostat; thermocouple; burner valves; microwave oven; power hood; L. P. fittings and connections; and P. C. Board(s).


11.   LP Gas System


Regulators; valves and gauges; mounting brackets; pig tails; gas lines; fittings and shut-off system.


12.   Heating System


Furnace ignitor; burner assembly; thermocouple; gas valve; thermostat; blower motor; heat pumps; heat strips; L. P. fittings and connections; and P. C. Board(s).


13.   Refrigerator


Thermostat; thermocouple; cooling unit; burner assembly; ignitor; L. P. fittings and connections; and P. C. Board(s).



Coverage for the following benefits begins on the date you pick up your camper and your JayPlus Certified Pre-Owned Service Plan begins. Deductibles do not apply to benefit reimbursement amounts.


Towing / Road Service (Sign & Drive)


Up to $300 per occurrence. Towing costs for vehicle towing the covered travel trailer are provided. Please see your coverage booklet for details. Road service includes: jump start, spare replacement, fuel delivery, lock-out service.


Service Call


Up to $75 per occurrence.


Travel Expenses


Up to $100 per day for meals and lodging, maximum $300 (3 days).


Food Spoilage


Up to $75 per occurrence.


Fuel / L. P. Gas


Up to $50 per occurrence.


Manufacturer's Deductible


Up to $100 per occurrence.


Deductible Reduction


$25 deductible reduction if Travel Trailer is returned to selling dealer for repairs.


Transferable Coverage


All the benefits and coverages of you service agreement are fully transferable to a private subsequent owner. (subject to qualification and transfer fees)


Repair Services


Repairs can be performed by the dealer who sold you the service agreement or at most authorized repair facilities in the United States and Canada.


24 / 7 / 365 Claim Assistance


You will have access to a claims specialist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide you with claims assistance should a covered mechanical breakdown occur.



*Certain additional benefits may not be available in some states due to state law restrictions. See coverage booklet for exact terms and conditions.



In addition to the above Benefits, the JayPlus Certified Pre-Owned campers also includes the following Concierge Services:



Concierge Service


ATM & Business locators; car rental / hotel / restaurant reservations; rental car return, guaranteed hotel check in; flight / hotel rebooking (during an emergency); missed connections coordination; emergency return travel arrangements; turn-by-turn driving directions; traffic reports; restaurant and campground referrals; camper storage facility locators; RV personal delivery service; prescription delivery; wireless device assistance; historical site & pet care locators; golf course tee time reservations / referrals; ticket coordination (Theater / Music / Sports); local activities calendar.



RV Technical Assistance


Technical diagnosis and instruction from a team of RVIA / ASE / Master Certified Technicians. This service provides first level assistance with basic troubleshooting and common operational issues. It addresses concerns such as power problems, various appliance issues, slideout out room retraction or extension and much more. (The RV owner or operator performing technical adjustments or modifications does so at their own risk.)



Service Assistance Options


Call to obtain assistance with dealer / repair facility locator services.


We make every effort to provide the most complete and accurate information possible. However, changes may take place without notice and errors can be made. The program administrator is the final arbiter of the benefits. See coverage booklet for details.